A Somali female student holds a board reading, "I am a student and I want peace and prosperity" as part of U istaag dadka iyo dalka campaign. Photo courtesy: U istaag Dadka iyo Dalka

Somali youth turn to Social activism to promote peace, social justice and governance systems In Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Horn Observer) Concerned Somali youth are now campaigning among the communities and groups to disseminate information on specific issues and influence for positive social change, in a country wreak havocked by clan divisions. In Somalia Social activism work is in very gap, the gap to guide, promote changes in Somali society, Social justice and Governance systems, especially building trust among communities through social activism. The group named in Somali "U istaag dadka iyo dalka” believes that the movement aims to support Somalia’s long needed sustainable peace and development. "We create positive connections among communities and groups, disseminate information on specific issues to create awareness and influence positive social change.” Abdirahman Yusuf Ali, the founder of the group said, "Positive social change is where it ticks in Somalia if people unite for better public common good is the start of peace and development journey that diminishes interests and actions of groups or an individuals - the powerful journey that provides back up support to stability, effective governance systems, social justice and economic development. It is the way to exist Somali’s accumulated crises if supported strategically and creativity.” "People have the power and the right to say NO to any harm to Public common good.” He added. Somalia remains and will ever remain fragile to further destruction if Somali society intellectuality, thoughts and efforts are not shaped to protect and stand for inclusive public good. The social activism sectors that is streamlined to unite Somali society intellectuality, efforts and voices for sustainable future are limited practices in Somalia and it is in way of neglected. One would think how much Somali society united troughs, efforts and voices can make changes and help to re-build Somalia. Progress in Somalia peace and development at all levels will be in need to be based on coordinated and holistic approach made mainly by the Somali society by comprehensively addressing underlying complicated issue facing the people and the Country through creating inclusive public good efforts and thoughts that protects any difficult plaguing to the innocent people and the fragile country, and promoting ever lasting peace and development from village to district level and from state to Federal levels. Coordinative Youth lead Somali society actions of uniting people to protect people’s rights is the bottom line to go upper line of stability and effectively and efficiently to have responsive public institutions, healthier economy and capacitated justice infrastructure and institutions. For instance, a protest against Somali shilling inflation in Puntland pushed the Puntland state of Somalia to ensure stable and non-inflationary Somali shilling. Somali People are very in need to have stability, justice infrastructure and institutions, economic development and good governance system, shaping people’s voices, thoughts and efforts is the real engine moves forward all these interconnected elements of stability, justice infrastructure and institutions, economic development and good governance system to sustainability. Somali’s social activism sector is infant to consider as strong contributing measure that CAN build better Somalia. Unlike the other countries Somali’s social activism sector should have well-initiative approaches: In 30 difficult Years Somali society went through severe hardships that innocent people are jeopardized for what they are not deserve for – their rights , thoughts and efforts are being manipulated by interest and actions of individuals and groups, the cause of destroyed government systems put the whole nation become stateless and as the result the accumulated crises in 30 years become hard to break and overcome due to the grounded negative contributing factors - Somalia destructions has created brain drains boosted inclined tribal mind set as negative underlying barrier that hurdles Somali society mindsets, efforts and voices to contribute to public common good/public interest ( Peace and development) Existing and re-occurring difficult include instability, limited justice infrastructures and instructions, lack of effective public institutions and economic development, confusing and complex politics coupled with Somali society’ rights, thoughts and efforts are still in negative manipulation and shaped to non-contributing factor to better people and better country. To that end Stand for the People and for the Country (Uistaag Dadka iyo Dalka) strategically aimed to have coordinative and collective Somali society actions for better Somalia. Youth lead Community action - Stand for the People and for the Country (Uistaag Dadka iyo Dalka) is new initiative of social movement through community building social activism platform aims to unite Somali society voices, thoughts and efforts in order to protect and reject any causes that may create further conflicts and hardships to the vulnerable people and the fragile country in which together Somalia community voices, thoughts & efforts are streamlined to support inclusive public good (sustainable Peace and Development) The program has goals to shape Somali people’s strong struggles to protect for the people’s lives and rights, and Somalia are inviolable, facilitate to raise voices of truth in order to overcome, control and stop any hardships to vulnerable people and Somali community at all levels and co-build measures to stop wrong thoughts and action & interests of an individuals or groups that keep causing difficult that is plaguing the people and the country, and it is oriented to lead lasting peace and development Approach: Stand for the People and for the Country‘s 3 stages: Stage1: Inspiring Co-inventing Somali community mind sets of public common good/public interest - Unlike tribe mind set and blindly influenced by actions and interests of persons and groups - it is tended to effectively and efficiently inhabit the idea of public common good/public interest ( Peace and development) among Somalia community through Media, Social media , respected role models speeches, TV debates , trainings and Seminars at Federal and State levels. Stage2 & 3: developing and Coordinating: It connects inners feelings of looping catastrophe to trailblazing implications of social activism that tackles obscurity conditions in Somalia, this will be doing through developing and coordinating: Change makers ambassadors and public common good centers from state level to Federal level Developing and coordinating Youth lead an intentional action with goals to make changes by developing strategizing Social movement through community building actions from village to district level that implements the Community action plans of: * Monthly community action: Co-building youth centred idea generating and brainstorming and discussions platform tailored to current and foreseen problems feeding from rural to urban levels * Organize responses to man-made conflicts and destructions, and negative issue to public good through Community actions, speeches, public events, media and social media and publications * Work toward improving the community and environment well-being by opening channels for stability and development and reject the actions and interests of an individuals and groups * Helps and maintain open lines of communication between community groups, policy makers, government administration, development and humanitarian sectors and thought leaders * Research the effects and implications of instability, poor economy, legislations, law enforcement, justice infrastructure and instructions and good governance * Monitor and Evaluate the impacts of social movement through community building and why we are not there. Stand for the People and for the Country implementation model
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